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I know you have a Miscellaneous Forum but I was thinking you may to ad a General Discussions section or Firearms in General section to the top of the list under firearms. This is always a popular forum on other boards I have visited. I don't think a Miscellaneous Forum at the end will get anywhere as many threads as a General Firearms Discussions at the top of the list.

I was also thinking a Range Reports forum under Firearms would be a good one. A forum to discuss any gun taken to the range, new ammo tried out, or any range experience such as a day shooting with the kids.

And of course being a 22 freak, I gotta resubmit an old suggestion - a forum for .22 Rimfire.

Looking good so far, I have got to add that. Give it a little time and it should take off nicely.

Best of luck,
Glenn B;)
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