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John Melvin Davis Passed Away June 22, 2004 at age 52.

Mr.Davis died of massive shock & heart failure while watching a news announcment on TV that the U.S. military is scrapping out all their 5.56 Nato rifles and returning to the 7.62 Nato round chambered in a rifle that is a M-14/G-3/FAL hybrid design.

Mr. Davis was born on August 29, 1952, in Litchfield, Illinois.

Early on in life it was discovered Mr. Davis had several unique talents which caught the attention of school officials and even some county & state police agencies.

After serving in the US Army for a short time, the first period in a long history of public service, he returned home and started on his way to becoming self-employed.

Using his natural talents Mr. Davis set up a multi-faceted business both supplying devices to reduce noise pollution and also selling low cost medication to people in at-risk communities.

Ability like Mr.Davis's did not go unnoticed and he soon found himself employed in a special facility run by the Federal Government. He was soon put to work doing stress tests on geological formations among other special projects.

While his duties there were tiring it should be noted that he did manage to foster an indepth relationship with the local African-American community.

Thus began a fairly steady 13 1/2 year career, of employment with the Federal Government, where Mr.Davis seems to have found a home.

There were however periods in which he decided to leave their employ and work on his own again but he was pretty much drug back to work for them due to his unique talent and ability.

Such a long and intense period of service with the Federal Gov't starting at an young age allowed him to retire early with a special pension from the last institution he worked at.

However such a unique mind as Mr. Davis's would not let him to just rest in retirment. He soon begain to use the fine communication skills he developed while in gov't service to give free advice concerning the firearms ballistics & training he learned while a gov't employee.

Using the internet as his main mode of communication with others he was unfortunatly frustrated when his revolutionary ideas were accepted only by a few people. This was a interest he pursued until the end.

Naw, the news arcticle read more like this:

John Melvin Davis, AKA the Gunkid, TARD, 223 fan, andy and many other other names, was killed in a single vehicle accident, when his assault wheelbarrow overturned unexpectedly during a high speed maneuver. Upon the wheel barrow overturning the Victim was accidently shot when the stock of his Assault .22 hit the ground and shot him through the testicles.

Mr. Davis is survived by absolutely nobody of relation, as he was unable to find a female desperate enough to procreate with him, but is survived by a whole posse of people who made fun of him on internet posting sites and thus survived his rantings.

There will be no memorial service or open viewing as it would just give those same people a chance to have one last laugh at his expense!

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