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  Maintenance of bearings and promptly replaced are the craft should be skilled for Cummins diesel generator users, for rolling bearings, the following points should be noted:
  1) The temperature of motor bearings allowed to 60 degree, you should often check the temperature of the bearing and tests the temperature by a mercury thermometer or a thermometer.
  2) When bearing is running, regularly monitor if there are any abnormal bearing noise.
  "See" if the ball bearing is damaged
  "Listen," turned bearings, if sounds good, rotate flexible flexibly, that is good, if not you have to check;
  "Pull" inner ring of dynamic bearing, loose phenomenon, and the gap with the inner and outer rings of the ball is too large;
  "Quantity" measure the gap with the inner ring of the ball with a feeler, exceeding the rated range needs to be replaced;
  3) Keep the bearing seal in good condition to prevent dust poured into
4) The amount of bearing grease should be enough, then that is to kept clean.
  With the rapid development of China's construction, cement, metallurgy and other industries, the use of crusher equipment is gradually expanding. But clients often ignore maintenance of bearings, causing malfunction and cannot run properly. Here are some tips of extending life of crusher bearing.
  1, before installing the crusher equipment, count the number of parts inventory, check the damage of various parts machined surfaces and threads resulting in material handling and clear the damage.
  2, when the crusher to be installed on the fixed contact surfaces coated with grease, the active surface coated with light oil. In particular, after the bearings installed, be sure to tilt the outer ring coating the bearing with lubricantion.
  3, the bearing lubricant coating is also very important, surface of the roller cover grease, coated finish later restored the position of the outer ring, the need to use plastic film covered with dust.
  4, bearings should daily clean, first put bearing into the oil, and clean the bearing surface with a brush to brush off dirt, and heating oil , and then clean the inside of the bearing balls and the vulnerability.
5, after working for some time, crusher should conduct regular inspections. Disassembly of the hardware, if less wear of the bearing, can be achieved with proper geometry turning lathe. You need also note that the gap between the eccentric shaft and bearing and bearing between the spindle, if more than 1.5 times, should be replaced or padded adjustments.
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