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Ain't decided yet. Quality of the Mainspring Housing upon arrival was good. Not great because the pin for the lanyard was not drifted into the mainspring as it was supposed to be.

Mainspring Housing Parts Kit my initial assessment is Fair quality. Mainly because everything looks standard finish grade and normally I'd give them a Good to Great considering the price point. But, the retaining pin for the Mainspring and Cap is too long and I have to file or grind it down a little bit at a time. It was nearly 1/8" too long!
I mean really it's all sold under their name. But still out of spec IMHO.
I mean come on man!๐Ÿ˜‰
This stuff kinda concerns me as I'm having doubts on quality when I see stuff like this.
But besides that it does not look bad at all.

Finally got the pin fitted and test fitted flush.
And done!
At least I have this just in case.
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