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Hey.... do you folks know why it takes TWO GAY GUYS longer to get somewhere than it does TWO LESBIANS??

Cause the Lesbians are doing 69 all the way down, and the gay guys are still home packing their CHIT!....

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Know how to get four gay guys on one barstool?

Turn it upside down.
Do you know what you call two IRISH gay guys??

Patrick FitzGerald
Gerald FitzPatrick!

Two gay guys are eating dinner at a restaurant.... all of a sudden, one of them gets a piece of meat lodged in his throat.... immediately, the other gay guy runs around to the back of him.... pulls down his pants.... and starts licking his butt!.... The piece of food dislodges and shoots out of the gay guy's mouth.... he turns around and thanks the other gay guy for saving his life.... the other gay guy says...., "See!.... I told you that hineylick maneuver would work!"

hey Neil, you know the best pick up line for a gay bar???

Hey can I push in your stool???...
What do you call a gay chinese man?

Fu Man Chew
What is a gay man's favorite chinese dish?

Cream of Sumyungguy.

And really, is there ANY reason THIS would come to mind in this thread??? I mean REALLY, ANY reason at ALL???


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What do you call a bouncer at a gay bar?

A flame thrower.
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how do you know your roomate is gay?

his dick tastes like ****

what kind of food do gay horses eat?


whats all white and has a black asshole?

the a-team

how does a black man get into a good business?

through the skylight
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