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as to its resistance to bullet penetration. That's rather stupid, since the chest has VERY little muscle on or inside of it. It's WELL KNOWN that penetration in chest organs is about 30% greater than penetration in properly calibrated (QUITE RARE TO SEE, ACTUALLY( 10% ballistic gelatin) Jello has to be held at about 38F degrees, and calibrated for penetration with a chronographed BB "rifle", IMMEDIATELY prior to shooting the block "for record" with whatever ammo you are evaluating. This means that the jello has to be kept in a cooler, on ice, etc. Almost nobody bothers to do all this properly, so penetration claims are moslty bs.

Given proper jello, however, 9" of penetration is plenty,cause you are going to get 12" or more in chest organs, and that's plenty.
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