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Gold Cup's wide trigger= trouble, if using

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it for fast draw. It just makes you press on the CORNER of the trigger, causing shots to be "pulled off" that otherwise would have struck center. So the steel trigger has to go, and an alloy one has to replace it, with the front of the trigger being ground down to GI width.
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Actually I'm not so sure that its the width of the trigger as much as the length of the trigger. Not only does the trigger length have to fit the finger and the shooter's style but theres the personal preference factor. Though I have rather large hands for a woman and long slim fingers I really like and shoot better with the short trigger. You cannot just make a blanket statement and expect it to work for everybody.

I have fairly large hands, use the "long"

standard width trigger with superb results, and the Gold Cup trigger had the above negative effect on my shooting, even after working with it for about 10,000 rds of .45, and 20,000 rds thru the Colt .22 unit. I've ALSO seen trigger shoes (on the SHORT trigger, have the same effect. Wide triggers DO have the above result. You either have to slow down your draw and hit, or accept a LOT less accuracy (at real speed).

I have MANY times, in front of witnesses, made A zone hits, ONE SECOND FLAT, hands at sides start, speed rig, draw and hit at 15 yds, including reaction time, on the electrnic timer.

DITTO hits on the C zone (12"x14", with over half in the 10" circle of the A zone, at 50 yds, in 1.8 seconds, sometimes as fast as 1.5 seconds. while I have done the above 15 yd thing in matches, match stress usually meant at least ONE complete miss of the torso, at 50 yds, no matter HOW slowly I fired, even from prone. So what I learned to do was shoot SEVERAL times (if permitted by the rules) at any torso beyond 50 ft, and do so as fast as I could. In this manner, I usually beat nearly everyone, ini SPITE of 1 or more misses of the longer range targets. I was so fast insidw 10 yds, and so fast on the movement part of assault courses, that I was always a serioius contenter for the win.
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Good. We agree. the trigger should fit the shooters style, hand and finger.

BTW, I thought trigger shoes went out of style in the 80's. :D

yeah, and what I said was one of the

reasons that occured. Another was that they too often caused AD's upon reholstering the gun. The rig'sweren't fitted around the shoe, and if the safety was off, or if it was DA, BOOM was the result. I witnessed one such incident, at the 1977 IPSC World Shoot, in Rhodesia.

It looked a bit strange, cause the guy had his hands up already, preparing to vault a 6"6" wall, when we heard the shot, but we were about 100m distant,and sound travels MUCH more slowly than does light.
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