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Good Joke!

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One day an Indian chief and his young son were taking a walk. The son says "Father, how is it we indians get our names?"

The indian chief pauses a second and says "Son, it is an indian tradition that go's back many many moons. At the exact time that a child is be being born, we name that child after the first thing we see or an event that is taking place. For example, when your brother was being deliverd, we saw a great herd of we named him Running Bull. And when your sister was born, we saw a mother deer and her we named her Little Fawn.

Why is it you ask, Two Dogs F---ing?"
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Good one, Dennis....

Our Unabashed Dictionary defines a Navajo Erection, as a "SCROTUM POLE"!

I met a guy that was half Jewish and half Indian.... his name was "Chief Gefiltafish"!

How bout the guy that's half Black and half Japanese?? Every December 7th, he's go out and attack Pearl Bailey!

How bout the guy that's half Mexican and half Jewish? He's a janitor, but, he thinks he owns the building!
His other job is as a Migrant Stockbroker!

How bout the guy that's half Jewish and half Catholic?? He'd go into Confessional with his lawyer!

How bout the guy that's half Italian and half Polish? He made himself an offer, he couldn't understand!

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Did you hear about the queer Indian?
...................brave sucker.

Indian walks in to the pharmacy and says "Me need um rubber!"
Pharmacist hands him a Trojan condom.
Indian says "Me need um asprin!"
Pharmacist hands him two Tylenol.
The Indian unrolls the comdom, drops in the two asprin, then swallows the whole thing.
Pharmacist says "Hey Cheif, I gotta ask. What are you doing?"
Indian says "Me got um f--king headache!"

Indian goes into the whore house and says "Me need um girl". The madam of the house looks at the young Indian and says "Hey Cheif, you got any experience?"
Indian says "No got um exprience."
Madam says " Then go off into the woods and stick it to a knot hole!!! Come back when you know what you are doing!"
Few weeks later, same Indian walks back into the same whore house and proclaims "Me need um girl!! Got um lots money, Got um lots experience!!"
Madam says "Ok, Marge. Take the cheif upstairs and give him a tumble."
The whore gets undressed and lays on the bed. The Indian looks at her laying there and says "No good. Get up." Then, the Indian stands the whore agianst the bed, goes out in the hall, gets the hat rack, comes back to the room and ....WHACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! He hits her across the ass with the hat rack.
The girls jumps, grabbing her ass, and says "What the hell are you doing!!!????"
Indian says "Check um for bees!"
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