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Harry inspired "scalping' of M29's, for retail price. Smith had completely shut down making J frames, in order to churn out as many M29's as they had to, in order to shut down the scalping. I knew of 2 other M29's that had the same flaw as mine. One chamber was so far out of line that it literally put pcs of bullet jacket between the barrel and the frame. I marked that chamber, and didn't use it. The other 5 shot just fine. I quickly saw that I had no real use for it, and sold it. Nobody does, these days, when a 1911 in 460 Rowland can outperform the .44. Why bother with a specialized club of a "bear pistol", anyway. 44 ozs, 9.5" long, for a 4" barreled clunker. $550 or so. Sheesh, what a numbnuts thing to buy.
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