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CHAENG manufactures the complete set of equipments for the active lime equipment. Our company undertakes the design and manufacture of rotary kiln, shaft cooler, vertical preheater and so on. It meanwhile supplies refractory materials. CHAENG technology from abroad to manufacture the vertical preheater, shaft cooler and limestone rotary kiln.
Technical Features of Active Lime Production Equipment
1. Vertical preheater has an advanced structure. The preheater has effectively improved preheating effect. Limestone decomposition rate reaches 20% to 25%. Limestone of 10 to 15 mm grade could directly be used in this vertical preheater.
2.Shaft cooler in the rotary kiln makes the temperature of lime goes up to 800℃ plus ambient temperature. It makes the limestone suitable for transportation and storage. This cooler can also preheat the secondary air to over 7000℃. It reduces movable parts and special materials of the active lime equipment.
3.The two ends of the rotary kiln are sealed by fish scale type seal method. The air leakage rate is less than 10%. Radiant heat loss is therefore reduced.
Process Flow of Active Lime Equipment
Limestone is heated to 900℃ by the 1150℃ rotary kiln gas in the preheater of active lime production line.
After sends the limestone into the rotary kiln. The limestone is calcined and decomposed into CaO and CO2.
Decomposed limestone is then sent into cooler of the active lime production line. The lime is cooled to less than 100℃ by cold air.
4.Waste Gas Treatment
The 600℃ hot air enters into rotary kiln and burns with coal gas. The waste gas is then mixed with cold air. Draft fan of this active lime equipment sends the waste gas into bag dust collector. Exhaust fan then discharges the waste gas into chimney.
After coming out of the cooler, the lime is transported to limestone storage silo of the active lime production line by vibrating feeder, chain bucket elevator and belt conveyor.
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