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Hi there and greetings from Hagendorf in Switzerland.

Just taking this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are a family run arms business based in Switzerland. We are licensed importers and exporters of arms and militaria.

I wanted to let you know that we have two auctions coming up. The first one on the 22nd October features modern weapons (anything that is NOT an antique), Books, Militaria and rare ammunition (we have unopened packs of ammo issued to the Swiss Guard at the Vatican). There are around 500 items in the auction.

The second auction in November is to do with antique weapons, weapons from the middle ages, Militaria and armour.

If you and your members are interested, you can see more details at: An electronic auction catalogue together with reserve prices is available for free download. We ship worldwide.

Our FB page will have more up to date information

Thanks for reading.

Ron Schneller and the Swiss Tactical center team

Swiss Tactical Center Auctions
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you probably don't have time, but it would be nice if you could give us the view on guns in switzerland, particularly the issuance of civilan handgun permits, concealed carry if that's possible, typical cost of living there per year would be nice to know, also, and what all citizens have to do to legally have guns, typical costs of guns in stores there, if immigrants can bring in their own guns, what's involved, autoloading military rifles issues, etc. Thanks, if you can.
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