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Gun Store vs Gun Show

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How many of you have a local gun store that you help keep in business? How many are like me and wait for a gun show or buy on-line?

My local stores are horrible. They are rude, condecending, and outrageously overpriced. The used guns are the same price, if not more, than NEW guns in other areas. The local stores are consistantly $100-200 HIGHER than the gun show prices or the dealers in Portland (about 2 hours away).

Ammo is the same thing. I can pay $9.99-11.99/50 rds 9mm or go to Wallyworld and spend $10.96/100 for the SAME ammo. .223 is the same way. $75 for 210 rounds or 40 rds for $7.48 @ WW.

I'm all for supporting the little guy, but that shouldn't mean that I have to get bent over in the process.

What do y'all do?
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I usually shop around for prices before buying. After I check the local haunts, I start hitting shows.

The mom & pop shop I frequent is 90 miles away. I can usually find the firearm I'm looking for at show prices. I prefer to frequent an establishment that treats me well. :)
Heck, there is really only one gun store around here (Tallahassee, FL) to speak of and you don't want to bend over to look at the guns. ;)

I only got over on them one time when one of the jokers must have mispriced a gun. It was a Sigma in .357 Sig and they had it marked for $289. I was cringing walking out the door with it that they were going to realize their mistake and try to get it back from me. I think only 500 of them were ever made.

Otherwise, I will drive 5 hours to go to a gun show rather than drive 20 minutes to the local gun store. I have been in there countless times looking for reloading stuff or just odds and ends and they rarely had what I was looking for. I mean it's not really off the wall stuff I was looking for either. Stuff like RCBS decapping pins!

Actually many of the guns I have gotten lately have been bought via GunBroker, AuctionArms, or GunsAmerica. Fortunately my friend in Crystal River has been very understanding of my weakness and has never groused at all about doing transfers for me. Actually, I have bought more guns from Dave (the FFL guy in Crystal River) then I have even looked twice at at the local gun shop!

And to date, I have only bought one gun from Walmart. The stainless version of a Ruger 10/22. All the ones I saw at the gun shows had the funky thin stock that said Ruger on it. Only Walmart had one with a traditional looking, although plastic, stock.
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Well even though I live in NY state just outside of NYC there are at least 6 gun stores within a 15 minute drive from my house. For the most part they have some outrageous prices, but sometimes if you shop the bigger ones they have a good price on a gun or two. The thing is that the gunshows around here, when you can find one around here, are pretty darned expensive. A good gun show is at least a 2 hour drive, and a better one still is about 3 hours. The local ones have all but dried up, due to peckerwood liberals who think guns jump up off the shelf and chase people down while firing themselves and hitting their victims in blazes of bullets.

There is one local sporting goods store, that is pretty old fashioned and sells everything for the sportsman, including longarms. They sometimes have a great deal on a used firearm.

I always check the bulleton board at the local range. I am hoping to find a real buy there someday.

I too also check the online auctions and have bought a few that way. I also have bought a few from dealers in Gun List and Shotgun News on my C&R.

Anybody have any C&R elligible .22 rifles for sale?

All the best and safe shooting,
Glenn B;)
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For the most part the local shops aren't too far off re.pricing in store [email protected] a show.

Unless you want to talk ammo.The local shops can't/won't compete w/the mil-surp ammo venders at the shows.

I guess that I'm kinda lucky in that there are six(that I can think of right now)dedicated gun shops within an hours drive from me w/the same number of gun selling retailers even closer.

For the most part I like buying from a store.If something were to ever have a problem I'd like to go right back where I bought it for assistance.Mil-surps are an exception.They almost always look like heck,are easy fairly easy to take apart/troubleshoot,& are built like,well,tanks.I'll buy a nice looking K-31 from just about anyone...:)
Quit using a local shop way back in 79. bought strictly from private parties after that, and ammo from department stores..
I go to two of the numerous local gun stores.
One sells guns at list price, and you have to haggle him down from there, but used guns have good prices.
The other sells new guns substantially below list, but doesn't bargain (usually can't bargain the other guy down to where this guys has his prices set, so it's no biggie).
Depending on the caliber of ammo, one store will usually be cheaper than the other by a couple of dollars per box. Just have to call them both beforehand. Either way, the resulting ammo is only slightly more than Wallyworld ammo, and it's not the WWB crap that Wally world sells cheap, so it's worth it.

The guns shows generally suck. Dealers sell guns at or ABOVE list, and forget bargaining, they'd rather pack them up and take them back than sell them low. Private dealers generally have crap, and even that they think is made of gold. Want a Mosin? They'll START at $175 for the most common models available. A rare one they'll try to pawn off for $400+. . .Forget it.
SOMETIMES you'll get a good price on ammo in case quantities.
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The gun stores have ripoff prices for the most part so I prefer the gunshows. Have made some very nice private buys there. Only time I buy at a store is as a last resort.

I don know I see rip off artist's at every place so only a few stores I deal with here.

Some they cost more but they backs up what they sells if you need it some be cheap but you on you own if you get a problem.
I have never had much luck at gunshows, but even at local shops shoping around is the important thing.
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