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gun topics started by Dakota, Mag, etc?

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ZERO, and about 1-2 by all the other pussies put-together. REALLY helping everybody LEARN something, aint they? All they EVER do is catcall from the sidelines, like the inept, impotent , ignorant clowns that they ARE. :) I LOVE how they show themselves to be such twits, with every post that they make.
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You start many, but don't have enough knowledge to answer our questions. Please continue to make yourself inept.
Lets examine your "posts"

For one,they are the same repeatitive crap you cut and paste from board to board so originality is lacking.You are VERY predictable.
Secondly,you post challenges and or threats but never fallow through hmmmmmm who is afraid of being shown up Melvin?You BACK down very fast from any chance at FTF meetings.The Mo group offered you all expenses paid round trip to wow us with your knowledge and like the posser that you are you ran to mommy and used the"Im on parole"excuse to get out of it,....funny,being on parole never stopped you from doing anything else,parole must just be your universal out or exuse that you use to your advantage.Many have called you on your bets and challenges only to NEVER get a responce from you because you are a keyboard commando wanna be convict that hates the fact that WE have shown you on more than one occasion, that WE know what we are talking about(unlike you),and WE would be the victor in any of YOUR challenges IF you ever did decide to fallow through with YOUR challenges.
A crises to you would be if you had no internet service.Id bet you would be having fits if it happened.
Its funny really how you try to bury posts when you know your wrong or have been beaten up(especially by wemon) so needless to say you are a very busy typer.
You talk alot of how good you are and I think you actually pray for SHTF in a way but if it does happen,you will die very quick(but alot of us hope you die slow)
For a guy that knows it all,you sure dont have any time to train(unlike many of us that have even posted pictures) as that is evedent with the amount of posts spewed all over the net by you 24/7 so go back to dream land bitch.
I can go shooting ANY time I want without fear of the law,...YOU CANT, made the decisions that put you away in prison,no one else but you are to blame for having your ass banged by bubba on a daily basis so take your bitterness and shove it up your ass you LIAR

Yeah,once again I called you a LIAR.
Ill leave the light on for you.
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Yep here he goes again after he's spammed the place with his SOS like on every other forum he's been to and in most cases banned from.

And now, as is predictable the exact same whining starts.:rolleyes:

He can't even whine originally.:D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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