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guns for Costa Rica, Belize, similar areas

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Since such areas are virulently anti-gun, I'd go with the same gun I'd pick for an excursion into Commie China. the canned M21. Just wear it concealed, and be super discrete, and if need be, super ruthless. Since nobody else has a gun, a good walking stick will nearly always suffice for defense (if you are a fit,agile adult male). If the need arises to TAKE a military rifle from some poor bastard( in order to "get clear" of serious trouble), the M21 and an ambush-stalk can arrange for a sub-50 ft brain shot, from a braced firing position. Anything visible,or noisy,is way too likely to be more trouble than it's worth. When nobody else has a handgun, the sudden appearance of a silenced auto .22, and swift use of it to the head, will suffice( on a couple of punks who "think" that the mere possesion of their machetes is going to make you wilt).

The M21's trigger guard is removable. The stripped frame can easily be disguised inside many innocous items, as can the rest of the parts, and the suppressor. Just don't use commercial airlines, that's all. Either CHARTER a private plane, or go overland or use a boat to get there (and back), and u will be subject to a LOT less scrutiny. You can also get there without any pc being with you, and either send the pc to yourself before or after you arrive yourself.
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So take a good enema and we'll chip in for the postage to mail you to Costa Rica or Belize. Hope the post office doesn't bend, fold or staple you on the way.

Anybody want to contribute to the 'stamp out gunkid' fund?

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