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:crap: you know;f'ng around like that....going into his house cwearing/carrying a rig that probably cost a lot more than the four yards this guy owed there's ways to reinforce a point without extending yourself into that kind of hornet's that WAS stupid for only $400.00.I got someone in NH,who's in arrears to me for a lot more than that.He tried to take advantage on a debt when he thought I was going to be "unavailable"(that Worcester County matter);I went though the courts because I had not yet had MY name cleared yet and did NOT need to have TWO courts taking an interest in me at the same time.It sucks,because even though you want to hit some people until they change shape....WTF,I did the right thing this time around ;maybe it will work in my favor for a change.
You would have been better off just getting the guy in a different setting and letting HIM escalate;like you said he was a fat f#$k;with all you've told us here about your PT/martial arts conditioning I'm certain it would have been ....interesting.
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