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1985, Wilmington, CA. I had a 1911, openly worn IWB, speed position, in front of hip. The chamber was empty, because I was living in this guy's garage,making smg's and silencers. We'dhad words, I entered his place. He owed me $400, and when I asked for it, he threatened to call the cops. I said:" Get you a club, boy". He was in another room. when he rounded the corner of the room I WAS in, I saw that he had a crescent wrench. He was a lardass, 280lbs, 5', 10" or so. STill, ANYONE can charge 12 ft in 1.5 seconds or less. He didn't make 2 full steps, before I'd drawn, jacked the slide, and had a Weaver on him, and he STOPPED, still out of reach of my gun. :) I had my back to a wall, just having come in thru the bedroom window, (from where I'd hollered at him from outside the house) Many guys besides me KNOW that speed into action can prevent your having to fire. .50 second slower, and I'd have HAD to put a .45 swc into him.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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