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slugs are combat-effective. With just the front bead sight, hitting bobbing head of a cover using man is a 30m proposition, at best. With typical "v" notch "rifle sights" on the shotgun, you MIGHT extend that to 50m, and adjustable "ghost ring" peeo sights might stretch it to 75m. If you fire a LOT, and I mean THOUSANDS of 12 ga slugs each year, get a trigger job, and so on, you MIGHT sometimes be able to handle head on prone men at 75, or fully exposed, stationary torsos to 100m, but that's just not true of more than a handful of men. No more than a shotgun has to offer the survivalist, it's just a waste of time and money that is far better spent on hand to hand training (for "now" self defense) the pistol, and the true fighting rifle. Very few men are combat effective on 100m torsos, with M16's that group 4-5x better than the shotgun does, and which doesn't belt them as much, and which can offer 2c a shot practice with the .22 unit, and which can wear a sound suppressor that makes the 223 JUST as "tame" to use as is the .22 unit without a can, and buddy, just how good that is, has to be SEEN to be believed.
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