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they are going to survive doing,post shtf, especially in open country, with NOISY guns. If you HIT men with one 223 rd in 5, and with 4 out of 5 .22's (easily done from ambush,the only time you'd be using 22 unit on men) you will have your pick of DOZENS of guns and hundreds of rds of ammo, picked up from the dead.If they DIDN'T have guns, why did you shoot them, eh? you certainly didn't need to waste 223 ammo on them if they had no guns. .22 would have been plenty.

Foraging, if you can't score 9 animals for 10 rds of .22lr fired,you are a lame. Since some of those animals will be cattle, dogs,deer,etc, 10 shots fired from a silenced .22 should feed a family for a year. :)

What it comes down to is you dont know your ass from a hole in the ground about the realities of single-combat, foraging, etc.
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