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guns. If the pattern is tight enough to be worth a HOOT for stopping men at 35m, it's WAY too tight to be of any help at HITTING at 20ft and less , which covers nearly ALL the "in home" situations. If your pattern IS wide enough to be of any help at 10 ft, (ie, 4" or so) it's pretty worthless outside the home. You can't CARRY a shotgun any more than you can carry the auto rifle, and the auto rifle has FAR more versatility if shtf. The pistol, like it or not, has to cover you 90+% of the time. You wont be able to ACCESS a longarm in TIME, even in your home, a great deal of the time, and the odds are 4x as great that you'll be attacked while NOT at home, anyway. So if your pistol, load and skill really ARE good enough to cover you when you are MORE "at- risk", and you HAVE an auto rifle, for shtf, riots, etc, then the shotgun is redundant for defense. There's little point in leaving yet ANOTHER gun loaded, accessible, where kids, drunks, or your ATTACKER can use it irresponsibly, sell it to a punk, etc. The auto rifle is quick to slam a mag into and load. The shotgun's tube has to be LEFT loaded, or it takes a LOT more time and fumbling to get it loaded. So the pistol, WORN always, is by FAR the more practical choice, even for "home defense".

Also, most shotgun blasts are NOT centered on athe chest. so it's a question of whether or not 10 #4 buck pellets suffice, not 24. 00 buck is just as likely to overpenetrate a man or a wall as is a good 223 softpoint, too.

Small birdshot, beyond the range of 2-3 FEET from the muzzle, will NOT reliably penetrate both a heavy winter coat and the sternum, either. SAME guys are stupidly "all worried" about a PISTOL load's NOT penetrating thru cover, etc, and then the SAME bozos advocate #7 1/2 birdshot for "home defense". :) the guy can EASILY be using your refrigerator, couch, etc, as cover,a nd if his bullets are going thru your kid's bedroom walls, you have to stop him even FASTER than if he was shooting at you at your business, in the street, etc.

Extention mags on shotguns "distort" plastic shotshells, causing malfunctions, if they are left fully loaded. They ALSO make the gun slower to maniputlate. a typical 4 rd tube., when you jack the action, doesn't give you a LOT of missing-potential, and you sure CAN miss, when the pattern is only 2-3" wide, as it typically is, at the sub 10 ft ranges typical of home defense.

So don't go "thinking" that because I dont post much about shotguns, that I don't KNOW shotguns. I most assuredly do.
You got a citation for that?

Plus you seem to be the only one that relies on the spread of the pellets to help with hitting. Everyone I know who has used a shotgun, either defensively or offensively used aimed shots.

Oh, that's right, shotguns make you flinch - now it makes sense.
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