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doesn't cause damage to chest organs, with just its temporary gas cavity? Shoot some animals with it, do a minor "field autopsy", and think again. A mere 1300 fps can do the job, if the bullet is large enough in diameter. A .45 has FOUR TIMES the frontal area of a .223, It doesn't NEED the 3000 fps of the 223 in order to create the same shock effect and tissue damage as the 223. Also, the 3000 fps is MUZZLE velocity, and 223 sp's work just fine at 200 yds, where they are down to 2500 fps, or considerably less, in many cases. Think about that;.

We CAN get a .45 bullet to 2300 fps, and control it, in a lw, ccw pistol, it just has to be made properly, weigh 70 grs, and be loaded into a .460 Rowland case. The .45 case will get it to 2150 fps, in a 5" barrel, or a bit more. 'That's still 700 ft lbs, with the same sort of recoil that a 200 gr .45 has, at 850 fps. In other words, very mild recoil, in a full size and wt 1911. The blast and flash, however, are stupendous, especially with the .460 case and the 4" barrel.
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