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The Gyrojet also had "range" problems. As it accelerated, it gained in energy, until it reached its maximum acceleration point, at which point it had built up enough energy to be worthy of the "jet" in the name.

First problem was that up close, it hadn't had time to accelerate, and so had disappointing power at the muzzle.

Second problem was that while at its peak acceleration it had devastating power, once it past this "maximum" acceleration point, since the propellant had all been used up, the projectile was now an empty shell, and wouldn't travel well at all. Picture shooting an empty 9mm fmj jacket with no lead core; that's about what it ended up with. Almost no mass for momentum, so the power would now drop off very disappointingly.

Basically it had a "sweet spot" shooting distance, at which it had great power (don't recall the numbers), but if shot much shorter or longer than that, it was disappointing.
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