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match. One stage had a 10 second reload stage, 12 seconds for revolvers. draw, 5 shots at a 9m torso, reload, repeat. I told him it was ok to just fire 6, and showed him how to thumb the hammer with his weak hand, firing 2 handed. He drew, fanned the hammer, never TOUCHED the target. Then he had to draw, double tap 3 torsos, at 10 yds, 3yds in between targets, including a 90 degree pivot. I told him he wasnt likely to get it done in the 3 second time limit, so the thing to do was use both hands, and get 2 hits on each of the first 2 targets, or as many as he could. Had he LEARNED anything? No, he drew and fanned the hammer again, missed ALL the targets. Repeat, pivoting in the other direction, had he FINALLY learned? No, fan the hammer again, again nothing but misses. About like YOU guys. :) THINK you know better, and even when PROVEN to be fos, learn nothing.
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