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Hakko Holo Sight

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Does anyone else shoot with one of these? I put one on my flat top Bushy, and zeroed it with the irons. I shoot with both eyes open and the dot/reticle just sort of hovers over the front post. It's good for 100 yds, so far and in a three gun the quick acquisition with the both eyes open technique is way cool. It has a choice of four different aiming dots/reticles and the MOA is different for them so you can choose what works best for the distance at which you are shooting. For 2 bills, I really recommend it!
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This sounds very interesting. Can you compare it to a red dot sight. Do you have a website link?

It's lighter and an easier co-witness than any of the (cheap) red dots I own, more like an eotech but less expensive. It is well made and uses lithium batteries, and comes in two sizes, apparently identical except for the demensions.
Just google Hakko Sights, as I do not have a link. Check it out I think you'll like!
Thank you.

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