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EVERY year. So recovered, bartered, "found" ammo, post shtf, is far more likely to be .22 rimfire than anything else.

My .22 "how to' silencer book has sold 150,000 copies, and there's lots of other such "how to" silencer books, and even a video or two. dont KID yourself that silenced .22 rilfes wont be VERY commonly encountered, if shtf. A .22 rifle still has 60 ft lbs left at a range of 150 yds, and that's the Army's standard of "minimum energy for lethality". The .22 rifle will still bury a 22lr slug in your guts at 200 yds, and shtf's lack of medical care, DAILY need of being in TOP shape, it will mean your eventual death.

A subsonic .22lr, fired thru a good silencer, even with an autoloader, is essentially inaudible at 50m, in wooded hills, and at 100m, in the open, on the QUIETEST night, with PERFECT human hearing, and paying ATTENTION to sounds. Typically, with a bit of wind rustling the leaves, not paying attention, typical dummy having fired guns without hearing protection, you won't notice it at 1/3rd those ranges.

So., you will be walking along with your buddies, and one of them will fall, shot in the back of the head, but you will just laugh at his clumsiness, until ANOTHER buddy falls,and then 1-2 more start screaming that they've been shot. You go prone, or run-dive to cover, but you won't KNOW where the shots came from, so 1-2 more of you get shot, cause you are on the WRONG side of the 'cover". just like that, 3-4 seconds, your 12 man group has 2 dead, 3 wounded. Now WHAT do you do with the wounded? Listen to them moan and scream for hours? shoot them? Who will carry their gear? Your squad has been stopped cold, you are eating dirt and PRAYING for nighttime, and all you want is to get OUT of that area. The silent sniper can obviously do the same thin to the 7 of you that remain, eh? You STILL have no clue where he is, how far away he is, if he has HELP, what sort of armament he has, etc.

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Yah know

Yah know in my short carrer as an Army Reservest I have met some of the most highly trained people the military has to offer, Navy Seals, Army SF, Rangers, and also these guys that said that they were Army and they had black blackhawks and black little birds..(sounded like Delta to me), but anyhow, none of them talked any crap. None of them had to offer up any info about "how much I know" and "how better I am than you" That was just not their nature I guess. My point is that I think that the more men know the less they talk and the ones that talk all of the time are just trying to fool themselves.


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sonny, I've PROVEN, all over the Net,

that I can post 30x a day, FOREVER, and never say the same thing twice,a nd keep the topics gun related. The reason the military guys dont know very much is that they don't HAVE to know much. They aren't going to be using more than 5-6 different types of guns, and only 1-2 loads for each. They dont have to ccw, they don't have to smtih them, or make their own cans, or forage with them. Almost none of them compete, none of them face legal sanctions for what they do, etc. So their knowledge is very limited indeed. I wouldn't say much, either, if I didn't know any more than they do. Hackathorn teaches the Delta force and he says this about them:" Shooters they ARE, but gunmen they are not." When the training or mission is over, they cheerfully lock all their guns up in the Armory, and go get drunk.
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