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most people .50 second on the ccw draw and hit. Look around you sometime. Nobody pays any attention at all to a guy who has 1 or both hands in pants pocket. Even if they did, giving up such a huge advantage in defensive firing, just because of "social pressures" is just weak and stupid.

Virtually anyone, using a proper gun and pants pocket rig, and adeuqatley sized pants and pocket, is faster from some a start, to a hit on chest at arm's length, than is the fastest man who ever lived, starting with hands at sides, using a ccw belt rig. Only a fool gives up such an advantage, when there's really no reason not to have it. Kahr's PM 9 is very pocketable,and when loaded properly, far more effective than are 230 gr .45 jhp's, even from 2" longer barrels than the Kahr's 3" bore. '
that's provable, on animals.
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