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i copy the gist

of your post, friend , i have posted the merits of .32cal xtp bullets sized to .30 cal. carbine

heres what works for me!
bullet type,jhp-xtp
bullet weight,100gr.
powder type, aa#9
powder charge, 13.5 primer
1.544" seating depth
fps,2000[velocity may vary by 20']

I can run it through the chrony again, but why?

this load friends, has brought back from the dead, a 63 year old war horse,
that shouldn't just be sneezed at any more.


my bad, i'm pushin' pistol ball about twice of what it's designed for, i skipped the velocites being equal part[sorry]
thanks. :headbang:
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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