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Hard Rock=State Dept. sniper, lots of

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"experience" chasing fugitives all over the world. :) Or so he CLAIMS, but then he ALSO claimed to get 60,000+ HOT rounds thru a rifle barrel,and still have MATCH accuracy with it. :) Hard Rock's been everywhere and done everything, except when he does all that, his name "wraith". :) After Teuf and I embarrassed him too much, on Liberty Front forums, ol' Wraith, the super sleuth scuba diver, "got hit" by a ski-doo", and put out of commission. LOL.
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Sorry Tard, I'm not Wraith... and Wraith never worked for the State Department... though my wife does.

Listen, I know it hurts you a lot but I'm not Wraith, I'm not JJ, I'm not Aslan, I'm not Rika, I'm not 1911sr, or anyone else. I use two handles on the net... Hard Rock and BCR #226... that's it. Nothing else.

Now why don't you go practice your Daffy duck "ha ha ho ho, spin perry dodge, duck, spin..."

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