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andy said:
have a dozen backpack nukes, nobody DARES seriously screw with you. Isreal's proved THAT,for 30 years now.

Not true. Israel has cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, SLBMs, artillery nukes (most of their enhanced radiation warheads fall into this category), they certainly do not use mere backpack nukes to hold off the muslim horde.

Aslan said:
plus a backpack nuke is going to be very limited in it's yield - I've heard they are in the 1-2 kt range, but am not an expert on this - I'm sure someone has better info on this.
1-2kT is about as big as they get. Most of the true "backpack" nukes are in the sub-kT range.

I also don't think even the globalist forces would want to try the nuclear "Reichstag" gambit. It's been a well known fact that our policy is to respond to a nuclear, biological or chemical attack with nuclear weapons. That might just backfire for the globalists, with the US just nukeing who it wants in response, and moving in "peacekeeping" forces to contain teh area, and to take direct control of whatever resources are in the area.

I really don't see nukes being used until we're at the Kings of the North campaign in Israel.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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