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and that's a canned CAR-15, with scope and .22 unit. "thinkiing" that you are going to do lots of "long range" MISSING, lots of MISSING by shooting at what you can't SEE (ie THRU "cover") making a lot of noise, and being in the open in daylight, is a sure way to get shot. Being quiet, sticking to cover and darkness, and using .22lr for nearly everything, 223 sp's for only when you screw up (which better be DAMNED seldom) and HAVE to fire. Being able to conceal the rifle, use it with one arm, etc, are likely to mean AT LEAST as much as all this stupid Rambo bs about "long range" and shooting thru cover. u r going to run out of 308 ammo in a HURRY if you follow such stupid practices.

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True "versatility" is a function of the mind not the hardware

The thinking survivalist understandes how to get the most out of just about any weapon.

Allowing a handgun and rifle as avaliable, many combinations of the two would work out just fine. It's just a matter of knowing how to make the best of them. There is really no garantee you are going to be fighting with your own weapons anyway.

Alot depends on the situation at hand. If I where involved in a personal SHTF, I'm not intrested in making any contact. Likely any contact made will spell my demise. Even if I do pull off some brillant ambush of a follow-on tracking team. The rest of them are going to now know nearly exactly where you are. It will be no big deal to figure out how you are travling and what direction you are heading and how fast. Any good tracking team can now figure what your escape intentions are and shadow you or put in blocking groups for observation. Under such conditions a Glock and a 10/22 rifle would work just fine. The 10/22 or a MKII would probually work alone just fine.

Under such conditoins your personal fittness and wayfinding ability is going to be far more important. you want to be able to skillfully pick your way though the roughest, driest terrain you can find with the least effort on your part making the best speed. the whole time knowing exactly where you are in relation to roads and dwelings ect. If you can do that with confidence you won't be busting a single cap and it wouldn't matter if you had nothing but a slingshot.

In the situation of a more general SHTF when the survivalist will be in more of a defensive posture with some type of fixed camp or retreat the 7.62 battle rifle will come into it's own. At that point even bolt action military rifles could serve well in the right hands. Since the defensive positions are going to be well prepared, reactive shooting won't be near as important as the range and penetration a full power battle rifle affords. At that point it's going to be a group effort and there is going to be a natural mix of weapons anyway. Under these conditions I would favor one of my scout scoped M1A's and under some conditions a bolt action sniper rifle.

Click on this link and you will find a photo gallery that represents the neck of the woods I reside:

If we set up in a defensive posture a scoped, full power rifle is definetly going to be a plus. We are going to be bringing our own chow so "foraging" isn't going to be a big deal. Having folks running around checking traps and hunting would be pretty risky. Much better to find a good hiding spot and keep your head low at least though the first winter. When it came time to start shooting it would be from prepared defensive positions with the ranges already worked out.

The whole "my rifle is best" kind of arguments are pretty much a waste of time. The real discusion involves, what tactics should I employ to make the best use of my terrain and ability.

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