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Favorite rifle is a custom .30-.338 built by Merrill. Great rifle. It sports a 2.5-10 power Swarovski scope with a 30mm tube, 26 inch number 3 taper Lilja tube, built on the old L61R Sako action. I have taken a dozen elk, a bunch of deer, and several pronghorn with that rifle.

Favorite handgun right now is a 25-2 revolver, for sentimental reasons and because I just happen to like revolvers.

Favorite square is the new series of try squares being sold by Woodworker's supply of New Mexico. Favorite drill is my Black and Decker cordless because of its versatility, although my Makita is pretty close. Favorite saw blades are Freud, favorite hammer is a good old 16 ounce Stanley claw hammer. I like tools.

Here's a pic of a chest on chest I made last winter.

1 - 3 of 40 Posts
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