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Have you read ...

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Yea, I know this is off topic, but my people are HERE!

Any of you folks read Unrepentant Sinner?
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Col. Charlie Askins biography. There is a copy autographed to my Dad on the bookshelf next to me. Askins was rough as a cob but is one of my heroes. All man and all human with imperfections like the rest of us.


No, but I've read a lot of Charley's mag articles, read a lot ABOUT him, and I've read his PISTOL SHOOTER'S BOOK, or whatever, about 30 odd years ago.

Just checked, Amazon has "sinner' for $12 plus shipping, brand new. wants $14 for used ones. :)
Get it Andy. The man was amazing - so much that even you might respect him.

I've read it, an interesting book by an interesting man. Askin;s books are well woth reading today.
Unlike gunkid Askins fought in war, fought as a Border Patrolman, hunted game on just about every contenint, killed several men in gunfights as well in war. And unlike gunkid, he would not give a ratsass for a CAR.

Gunkid would have to have a telescope to look up at Askins knees.
and YOU are scared to meet me, u little pos.
Yes, I have read it. You might like "Hell, I was There!" by Elmer Keith, also. My absolute favorite for Africa hunting is Peter Hathaway Capstick. An author who chucked a Wall Street career to be a big game hunter.
What's your problem, dumbkid? I thought I was on your 'ignore'. When you post you are ignoring the poster, that shows u r scared of the poster.

And gunkid, the CAR is a losers gun. A 9mm carbine is a better pick.
Wow, Erica! That's quite a special "air-loom'! Guess you'll be hanging on to that one, no?

Thanks for the recommendation of Hell I Was There, Terry. I'll sure check it out. , thanks. I finished Un. Sin. this weekend. The first few chapters really had me going. Most of the book turned into a recitation of scores, championships, and WWII travels, and to me it was not as interesting as the first 1/4 or so, which dealt with his exploits with the Border Patrol. However the later quarters had some interesting reading too; I especially enjoyed the chapter on his ad hoc sniping activities in Europe, solo jaunts in Indochina, and his descriptions of his ventures with the then-new .338 Winchester Mag and the .44 Rem Mag.

I suppose the thing that I appreciated most about the book was his unfailing practice of calling a spade a spade; nothing was sugar-coated. Now, it was not mean - that's different; it just wasn't sugar coated. The event that immediately springs to mind was the incident in which he and some other officers were surprised by a gang in Mexico, and one of the other officers was shot. He felt no remorse over the loss, saying simply that he didn't much like the guy anyway. However, his respect for his friend Parker, others who thought the way he did, and his wife fill the picture in. The picture I got was one of black and white, with no concern whatsoever for political correctness.

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