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Help GunKid with his BOB List

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Seems to me ole Melvin is want to post a list of his gear. Maybe age along with the hard life he's led has had a tole on his memory. So I figured I'd start a list and maybe everyone could pitch in and post some items that we think HE would need.

Here's the start:

1. Extra set of Dentures

2. Denture Grip

3. Geritol

4. Ben-Gay

5. Ankle Brace

6. Knee Brace

7. Back Brace

8. Take Down Walker (For rough terrain.)

[Take it from there] :scatter:
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As I said before, lipstick and ky...
Plenty of sun block for his balding head and a good set of tweezers in case he has to fire his chopped Star more a couple times and it lets loose.

A set of aluminum dog tags with his name and other data so they know who it is they are burying, hanging, mounting as a scarecrow, crucifying, skinning alive, burning at the stake, impaling, or feeding to the pigs, whatever the case may be.
suppositories. Knowing gunkid that and ex-lax.
A ball peen hammer to conduct emergency repairs on his CAR and his Star!
white flag
box of depends
Hmmm. You guys got all the good stuff. How about a copy of the MABU Chronicles for inspirational reading. Maybe an Etch-a-Sketch for him to write his memoirs on (he can easily erase and re-write to suit his daily fantasy).

This Was Way To Hard And Fast!

FOR ME ,,,,,BUT . !!!!!

what a kick ass riot, ride it was! :nyah: :laugh01:

[the MELIVN does have SOME sailent points]

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Garand said:
A ball peen hammer to conduct emergency repairs on his CAR and his Star!

this is CLASSIC! :cool:

Hell! I'm Still Laughing!!!!!


in my own personal point of veiw, a person lacking a sense of humor, is , in my veiw,

not worth the time of day!

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