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On a daily basis our men and women in uniform face extreme
danger. Their lives are literally in peril every
moment of every day. Which brings us to the story of Lt.
Col. Allen B. West. He's a battalion commander, and he has
men under him every day, looking to him for their safety.
And he needs our help today.

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West's unit was stationed in Tikrit, a stronghold for
Saddam Hussein's loyalists where American soldiers face
attacks almost daily. West had information about an
imminent terror attack, and was interrogating a terror

Getting nowhere with him, Lt. Col West fired his pistol
twice to scare the man into divulging information.
The man got scared, gave up the information that West
needed, and the attack was avoided.

So what's the problem, you're asking?

West's firing his weapon was a violation of the
Geneva Convention, and as a result, he now faces a
court martial for communicating a threat and aggravated

West has been offered a choice. He can resign from the Army
immediately, and forfeit his 20 year retirement, or he can
face criminal charges which carry up to 8 years in prison.

This is wrong. I just don't believe the American
people would have a problem with scaring a terrorist in
order to save American lives. I do not advocate pulling
out his fingernails or cutting off his toes, but I do not
have any illusions that terrorists are complying with
the Geneva Convention either. And that's why
Lt. Col. West needs our help today.

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Just ask yourself this question. You are in the military
and someone you love like your daughter or son is in danger
of getting killed. All you have to do is scare a terrorist
to save them. Would you do it? You'd be guilty of
violating the Geneva convention, but you would still
do it wouldn't you? That's what Lt. Col. West did.

Situations like these are the reason the Secretary
of Defense is given the power to intervene and stop the
prosecution of Colonel West. They're also the reason
the power of the pardon is given to Governors and to
the President.

This is not warfare in World War II or I. Remember, this is
a war on terrorism, and personally, I don't think the Geneva
Convention applies. I would certainly want my commander
to do the very same thing as Colonel West if it was my
son's life on the line. Simply put, he deserves better than this.

Please go to the link below and sign the petition to Sec.
Rumsfeld asking him to have the charges against Lt. Col.
West dropped.

Our nation is at war. This isn't the time to go wobbly
about getting tough with terrorists.

Please join me and ask Sec. Rumsfeld to drop the charges against
Lt. Col. West. Sec. Rumsfeld may receive criticism
if he intervenes on behalf of Lt. Col West. We need to let him
know that he has the support of millions of Americans. That means
forward this to your friends and family too! Every person helps!

Click Here

For America,

Bruce Eberle

P.S. Please forward this to your friends and family today!

Secretary Rumsfeld needs to hear from you!

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The Geneva conventions rules are a Orwellian abomination, our enemies in Iraq cut off heads of prisoners and we get hammered for water torchure treatment, and the scare tactic that worked of scaring our enemy into divulging information that could possibly save or soldiers lifes, wow! just unbelieveable civilian wacko's interfereing with a Col. in his sound miltary effort.
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