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they have always said most attacks are not made with guns. u dare not fire at a guy beyond 10 ft at a guy who has no projectile weapon. ask G Zimmerman about that! :) "severe injuries" after 2 12 ga slug hits!

I never claim absolutes, but i DO claim that the 10% of the time you do have to fire beyond 10 ft aint worth the practice time lost at the 90% of really fast stuff, at ranges less than 10 ft, that is 10x as likely for you and you aint a cop, either. So what cops have to do is irrelevant for you, or any civilian. if you "think", that you might need to hit beyond 10 ft, you'd better take a real fighting rifle, and armor and ear protection or a silencer.

info on Cirillo

there were NOT 252 "shootouts". there were 252 confrontations with armed robbers, of whom 40 odd made the cops shoot. Jim told me that himself and its on the cover of his book.
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