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HE'S holding still, hiding, U r moving, TRYING

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to catch him, and get BACK to your family. HE knows you might follow him,he picks a good ambush spot, one of THOUSANDS he can pick AT ANY TIME. GUESS who gets detected FIRST, HMM? GUESS WHO gets to BRACE ascoped, silenced rifle, and take a nice SURE shot at a 200m man, nearly CRAWLING along, TRYING to follow the raider's spoor? U AINT Tom Brown, punk. U aint Audie Murphy, either.
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And you ain't the man either buddy. You'd be a twisting squirming mass of concealed twigs that a child could spot. One man stays under cover moving a hat or something to draw your attention while the others flank you. Next thing you know, theres a bullet pain in your leg and you surrender. They strip you naked and throw you on a fire ant hill. Fun time when those ants crawl into every opening of your body.

It'll probably be even worse for him.

After he shoots their horses for food and meaness, they'll blind him, geld him, and he'll get to spend the rest of his days in a harness pulling a plow with a bit in his mouth and a whip nipping at his naked ass.
But gunkid, you are a wannabe, so hold on to the fantasy!
Trackers don't walk down the track, dumbkid. That's tracking 101. You will be looking down the track when they come up behind you. Know why? I know you don't. And I'm sure not going to tell you how they will find you.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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