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descrete with (to and from vehicle) than longarms, and they need a lot less range to practice in than rifles do. How many pistoleros can RELIABLY hit a penny, taped to a cardboard box, at 15 yds, with a good grade .22 auto? How many can do so at 7 yds, with their ccw pistol, hmm? Damned few, that's how many. So if accuracy is your thing, you need 3x the range with a .22 rifle, 6-7x the range with a high velocity rifle, in order to be challenged. Lots of people have to spend a lot of money, drive for an hour or more to access a place where they can use a hi-v rifle. A pistol, tho, especially a .22, you rarely need to drive more than 1/2 an hour, in order to use an indoor range, with lights, heat, airconditioning.
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