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Hi Ho, Hi Ho - Hi Ho - Its off Hunting I go

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Finally I go hunting at last
& though the season's week one is past
I hope to get a really nice buck
& If I don't that truly would suck
Hi Ho, Hi Ho - Hi Ho
Its off Hunting I go................

Can you tell I can't wait?

I leave sometime tomorrow for upstate NY. Since my uncle sold his farm last year I have to go hunting on state land. I figue the second week of the season is safer than the first. I may try a couple of new places. I have not had a chance to do scouting, so I'll be doing lots of hiking and if I find a good spot, I will sit my butt down. Oh just to be out in the woods again. Wonderful.:) :D :)
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I don't know where you go upstate, but if you're looking for state land, along with a good deer population, you might want to try the Adirondacks. Head up NY24 to Inlet, take the Big Moose road through Big Moose and keep on going until Stillwater Mountain is on your left and the Stillwater Reservoir is on the right. When I lived in NY, we used to take some mighty nice deer from that area, along with the occasional bear. The road between Big Moose and Number 4 can be kind of nasty at times, so a 4WD is nice. It's quite a drive from Long Island, and the area requires some pre-season scouting for good results so it won't do you much good this year, but keep it in mind.

Good Hunting.

Thanks for the info. I have always wanted to hunt the Adirondacks in the earlier season up that way. I just copied your info to a my documents file and am setting an AOL Reminder for next summer (if I can do it that far in advance) so I can make a trip to the area you mentioned.

I usually scout even when I hunted my uncle's farm, but did not have the chance to get other days off this year. I pretty much plan to go for a walk in the woods in the catskills on state land, and if I find a well used deer trail - I settle in for a spell.

Thanks again
Best regards,
Couple of mistakes - working from memory ain't always perfect. Should read NY 28, not 24, and the Big Moose Road hits 28 at Eagle Bay (between Old Forge and Inlet) not at Inlet. You can pull up a topographic map of the area (or any other area) at:

Topographic Maps

They are free, printable, can change scales, etc.

Thanks again
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