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Hi-Point 45 acp

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I like opinions on the new Hi-Point 45 from any of you that have fired one? Thanks.
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I have several Hi Points in both 9mm and .45 ACP. I even gave one to Wife last Valentine's Day - Nothing says lovin' like something that goes BANG.

Hi Points are big, heavy, ugly, clunky guns that are EXTREMELY reliable. The only trouble I've ever seen with one - a friend's, bought on my recommendation - was traced to the ammunition he bought. Hi Point gives a forever warranty - even if you wreck the gun through misuse, they say they will repair or replace it - under warranty. Their guns are also rated for a steady diet of +P+ ammunition. I have one of their 9's and one of the .45's with a couple thousand rounds through each, 90% of them +P+. No malfunctions.

And they're made in the USA.

Thanks, the only bad things I've heard about them has come from people that have never fired one. You sure can't beat the price either.
I would have to fire the crap out of it like 45 colt did to trust it with my life. I guess you need to do that with any gun no matter the brand or price. $150 for an everyday shooter or carry sounds to good to be true.

i got one 45acp that gun will shoot like nobody business.when i took it to show my bub leo he laugh,but he shot it man was sold.i hit a ground squirrel at 85 yards with it.ugly looking,but man can it shoot.the only 45acp that i can hit something with.and it will not cost and arm & leg to get.
You must have damn good eyes to see a squirrel at 85 yards, and hit it with a 45. Just my take on it.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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