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Bearing the high temperature adaptability, NTN bearing outside diameter less than 240 mm of heat treatment process to ensure the size stability under 150 degrees. Such as working temperature higher than 150 degrees requires special heat treatment, the type of TIMKEN 32207 Bearings Parameter by suffix S1 to S4 (DIN 623).
S1: the highest working temperature of 200 degrees
S2: the highest working temperature of 250 degrees
S3: the highest working temperature of 300 degrees
S4: the highest working temperature of 350 degrees
NTN bearing outside diameter greater than 240 mm in stable size less than 200 degrees.
NTN bearing using glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 to make the cage, is suitable for the work of steady state temperature not to exceed 120 degrees, use the NTN bearing lubrication, if oil containing additives, may result in cage shorten service life. The temperature over 120 degrees, the aging of lubricating oil will shorten the life of cage. So we should pay attention to observe and oil change on schedule.
Seal of NTN bearing allowable temperature also depends on which fill the life of the grease needs and contact seal.
Seal of NTN bearing using the special test of high quality lithium grease lubrication. This grease can withstand the high temperature of 120 degrees for a short period of time. If a stable working temperature of 70 degrees or higher, the standard of lithium grease will shorten the service life.
Always work under high temperature, special grease must be used, but also pay attention to whether need to use heat resistant materials as sealing device. The use of standard contact seal temperature cannot exceed 110 degrees.
If you use the high temperature synthetic materials do seal, so consider this a very effective fluoride material in more than 300 degrees when gives off the gas and smoke is bad for your health. Especially when removing NTN bearing to use welding torch, more attention should be paid to it
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