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him Tarzan, got LOTS big knives, wow

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same clown "thinks" Makarov rd is "powerful". :)
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The Makarov is effective. Obviously some people can't grasp the concept that to be effective, you don't need a nuclear howitzer.

The same people are still in their original bubblewrap from the 1970's and can't comprehend also that we have new bullets now or that ... heaven forbid... they might actually just be full of sh^t :)

You ever heard of the mountain men? They were guys who really had to live in the elements, off the land, in the wild, often with hostile people trying to kill them.

Know one of the ways the old mountain men could spot a real 'greenhorn'?

Not enough knives and his main knife was too small.

Yeah, they had straight razors back then too, but no one was foolish enough to think they could skin an elk, or even a whitetail, with one.

I guess all of those real hunters and woodsmen that hunt real game in real forests who still bring a real skinning knife and a real hatchet, cleaver, or bowie with them ...... yeah, they all must be fools and stupes who can't even do a real half-day hike without getting seriously injured :)
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I think one of the points that GK is missing is that Tarzan actually was able to survive in the wilds.

Meanwhile, come first winter, GK's going to find it awefully hard to salt down and eat that StarBM or his 'can'.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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