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hit from 11" 223, 500m, u wont be CRAP

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in the way of a threat to ANYBODY who's 500m away. U bozos are SO full of it about how you NEED to instantly put somebody down at long range. As long as he can no longer hit YOU, it doesn't MATTER if he takes a minute to fully bleed out. He can't hurt you anymore, and he's GOING to die from a "mere" .22' hole in his chest, post shtf, because of ZERO med care for such wounds. There's NOTHING you can do that makes 308 take a .22 unit, be usable one handed, take the GI rifle round, be handy with can attached, be concealable, etc. Just because you are too stupid to see that those a NECESSARY attributes of a shtf rifle doesn't make them irrelevant. It just makes you stupid, that's all.
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I am writing a fiction novel. Maybe I should incorporate some of your ideas into it. Naah. wouldn't sell as an action adventure. Maybe as a comedy.

Rika- You could always see about getting a contract with MADD Magazine to do a monthly story-line featuring Gunkid.

How about Mabu vs. Gunkid?

Sorta like Spy vs. Spy.:twohammer :D
Hey GK

Are you related to Knifeman?
He also was full of himself and other bodily waste
We might never need the capability, but it is comforting to know you can do it if required.
Tard, you won't hit me or anyone else at 500 meters with your 11 inch CAR. That is a pipe dream and you know it. Get real. You are out gunned, out thought, and out skilled by nearly everyone.

Gunkid can out think, and out perform certain vegetables and doorknobs. Thanks Aslan!
Dakota, 'Knifeman'? Which board?

He was another legend(to himself) many years ago on various survival sites that claimed all kinds of tales like being able to hit a running rabbit with his knife at 20 yards an many other claims that makes me think of GK,he used the same self proclaimed socialpathic methods.
Aren't most 5.56 rounds designed-powder & rifling wise-to be fired from a longer tube?
Can anyone even keep a 5.56 out of an 11in barrel on a target @ 500m?& does it have an energy left @ that distance?
Or is it wobbling like a three legged tadpole with the terminal ballistics of a piece of toast?
I confess to having zero practical expierience w/the .223.
But it seems to me that all you'd get out of an 11in barrell would be the mother of all fireballs & a loud bang.This coupled with about half the velocity of a 20in barrell &,potentially,dismal accuracy.
This combo sounds like a short range effort to me.
Anyone care to edumacate me?:wavey:
41mag said:
This combo sounds like a short range effort to me.
Anyone care to edumacate me?:wavey:
If you saw the ranges at which most of his "rifle drills" were quoted (most inside 50 yds, many at 25 yds, the "long range" work was 100yds), you'd see that he intends just about every engagement to be within pistol range.
Gunstupe wants to be withing 12 guage range. That's fine with me. He can do his Rodeasian ready for all I care. WHile he is trying to find his front sight at 25 yards, I'll be smoking is ass with buckshot. I bet a .410 will be enough for him.
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