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in the way of a threat to ANYBODY who's 500m away. U bozos are SO full of it about how you NEED to instantly put somebody down at long range. As long as he can no longer hit YOU, it doesn't MATTER if he takes a minute to fully bleed out. He can't hurt you anymore, and he's GOING to die from a "mere" .22' hole in his chest, post shtf, because of ZERO med care for such wounds. There's NOTHING you can do that makes 308 take a .22 unit, be usable one handed, take the GI rifle round, be handy with can attached, be concealable, etc. Just because you are too stupid to see that those a NECESSARY attributes of a shtf rifle doesn't make them irrelevant. It just makes you stupid, that's all.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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