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HK's USA Factory

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So...I'm sure you all have heard that HK is building a factory in Columbus, GA.

Do you think that the price of all of their guns will drop significantly since they won't have to pay all of those fees/costs associated with importing?

Do you think that they will be designing new civilian guns for the US since they don't have to worry about the BATF import "point" system anymore?
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They are building it because the Army has told them that they will not order the XM8 rifle into production to replace the M16A2 unless H&K produdes it in the United States,
Don't they already have a factory in the USA? Virginia?? Seems to me I remember hearing that somewhere, but maybe it was just a major importer.

But I swear I thought it was a factory. I seem to recall a certain stamp on the P7s (Chantilly?) being in demand for this reason.
I think the HK's are assembled in VA. My 45 usp says MADE IN GERMANY MAN...the Germans sure do make good weapons.

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