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hold a BIG beef's head in front of your chest,

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and let me fire a rd of 223 ball at it,from the side. Since you are so SURE it won't even penetrate ONE side of his head, much less all the way thru the brain and ANOTHER side of his skull, you will be PERFECTLY safe,right?
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andy said:
if u can get within 30m with a bow, why CAN'T you get within 30m with a canned, scoped 223, hmm? since you can ALWAYS get a nice prone firing position, with sandbag, etc, on men, why CAN'T you sit, use backpack as rifle rest, put 223 right in big animals' EYE SOCKET, at 30m, hmm?

The FACTS are, you CAN'T get that close, and you can't shoot for crap, and you KNOW it.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Your rant is funny. Blow a stalk on an animal and it runs away, blow a stalk on a person and you're dead.

Having to rely on brain shots to make up for the marginal performance of your weapon is just silly.

Will a .223 penetrate a animal skull - from a normal barrel length, depending on the range and the type of ammo, sure. 100% of the time maybe maybe not.

Will a .308 exit the skull at the same ranges, yes, will it exit at longer ranges, yes it will. So what?

I have personally witnessed where a .223 did not exit a skull. This was from a 20" barrel and the range was under 100 yds. (Coyote between the eyes - I know because I shot it.)

I have also witnessed a round go through a skull at a longer distance (same gun, same load)

Nothing of supreme significance in either event. Stuff happens. I'm yet to have a .308 fail to exit a skull of a coyote though. Gee that's a surprise, or in other words, a total non-event.

You try and make everything dramatic - the whole drama queen act is getting boring.

You aren't paying attention to what's being said and are only focusing in on a very tiny part of the overall discussion.

The .223 is a good choice, it's a good round. Your crippled version of one isn't for everyone. It loses a lot of capability that you don't miss because all your thinking is at pistol distances. Which is ok for you, it isn't ok for everyone.

Grow up and try to follow along with the discussions, stop trying to be the center of attention and try to be civil.

Your stupid bets and challenges are just that - stupid. YOu don't do anything but make yourself look stupid with each one you issue. Especially given your track record.

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