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Rich Z said:
Well this is a concern if you use such a sighting device on a firearm you intend to use for defensive purposes. If you grab it up in a hurry and don't have on your glasses, depending on how bad your uncompensated eyesight is, the electronic sight may be completely useless to you.
As per not having on glasses if you need them, any illuminated, holographic, or red dot reticle will blur noticeably. This happens to me too.

If you notch the power up by one increment, does the blurriness go away at all?

I noticed this a little with my EOTech 552 but it wasnt bad enough to cause any sort of problem, and one more power level took most of the grainyness away. Remember the situations in which it will be used in and was ment for, in the ring - tap tap - next tango.
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