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Hoffner’s Ultrux Minimal-ES IWB Clip-On Holster for 1911’s and Hi-Powers (demo) $35 shipped

Hoffner’s Minimalist Belt Slide Holster in black leather for the following firearms:
Star BM
Star PD
H&K P-7
Kel-Tec P-11
S&W J-Frame
Taurus Small Frame
Ruger SP-101
Charter Off Duty/Undercover
All holsters are NIB $39 shipped

Uncle Mike’s Kydex Belt Holster for 1911’s, Hi-Powers, S&W J-Frames
All holsters are NIB. $19 shipped

Uncle Mike’s Jacket Slot Duty Holster. Kydex/Cordura hybrid for S&W K/L Frames.
Used, excellent. $15 shipped

Uncle Mike’s Nylon IWB for large frame autos
Used, excellent. $10 shipped

Hogue Monogrip for S&W J-Frame. NIB $19 shipped

HKS Speedloader #36A for S&W J-Frame, Taurus small frame, Charter
New in pkg……$9 shipped

Wiley-X SG-1 SEAL-TEK Polarized Ballistic Lens Sunglasses/Goggles 2 lens package
NIB….$81 shipped

Wiley-X JP-3P Interchangeable Series Polarized Ballistic Lens Sunglasses/Goggles
NIB….$96 shipped

Wiley-X P-44 Active Sport Polarized Ballistic Sunglases
NIB…..$96 shipped

I am able to currently offer all Wiley-X eye protection for 25% off the retail prices
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For photos and questions please e-mail me direct at:
[email protected]
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