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is a TOUGH mark indeed. Chipped stone, lashed on arrowheads, make that 20m. :) SAME clowns "think" that such "accuracy" is ok(or the simlar bs "accuracy" with sling shot and ROCKS, ferchrissakes) and then run down the 2" at 50yd accuracy of the .22 unit in a SCOPED CAR-15. That's FUNNY, man. If you can get within 30ft of a critter with a slingshot, why CAN'T you get within 60 yds with the AR,hmm? Same chances of a getting a hit, and 100x as easy to arrange with the CAR. For the weight and bulk of the slingshot, I can carry ANOTHER 300 rds of subsonic .22lr, and that totals 500 rds,and that will last MANY years, post shtf. In those years, and shots, I will get MANY hundreds more rounds of .22lr. So screw the slingshot and the rocks. I can see carrying a couple of surgical tubes, for their many other uses, along with one modern, glue on Broadhead, anda slip on rubber arrow fletch, for taking livestock, ormaking a quickie (barbed) fishing arrow, with a reed and wooden fore and rear shaftpcs. That is, with a forked-stick "slingbow". The broadhead can be "hafted" with a pc of split green wood, tied with fishlineor cordage,and become either a spearhead or a substitute knife, if need be. So its 2 oz wt is no big deal in the shtf backpack.
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