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Re: Re: homemade smgs(canned)=TV news

84 C4 said:
That would make your fingerprints stand out more.
Yes it would, shows what a foresnics expurt (as in: x the unknown qty in math, and spurt - a drip under pressure together making dumbkid an unknown drip under pressure) sparky is.

Of course, it goes hand in hand with:

his vast knowledge of tactics (who said watching GI Joe cartoons were such a waste of time?)

His dog handling skills (beat them because you are afraid of them)

His math skills (enough said)

His medical skills (still pouring boiling water on wounds? what's a little 3rd degree burning on damaged tissue anyway?)

his supply and equipment skills: no, really a hammock and a couple space blankets ARE superior to quality sleeping gear - really. year round, snow and freezing temps are not a problem.)

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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