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S Cal, 1985. ATF was showing them on the evening news, sayingh "this is the kind of thing that is on your streets tonight". Sort of true, since my "good friend" had sold a few others, and still had one in his possesion. ATf took TWO WEEKS to raid the barn where the shop WAS, after they bought 5 such guns. I read a paper blurb about it, and heard about it from buddies. they had a chopper, a dog team, a SWAT team, but no JD. Sprayed the entire place down with WD-40, (so zero fingerprints)had buddy come by with his van, 2pm, load up everything, and even took the hunk of log which "sombody" had testfired the guns into. :)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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