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How is it that

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How is it that certain elements think that a mere scratch on decent people will make them curl up and surrender, but no-honor criminals won't stop their attack when taking fire from, oh, say 1000 yards? Seems he thinks he'll charge into long range rifle fire and he'll live to get into pistol range to take out the guy with the bolt gun with his .223 pistol. Just how many shots would a bolt man get while he was running this 1000 yards? What about his spotter with the M1A/FAL who starts firing at 800? Just how many criminal scum will have their guts blown out trying to approach from such a distance, and since when will undisciplined, selfish, lazy criminals going sally forth on a coordinated attack?

What makes him think he'll HAVE concealment (much less cover) within his .223 pistol's range? Kill zones are old technology.
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Nothing but good old fashion wish fool thinking.

Unless he is completely nuts he can't really believe 1/2 of what he bleats on the internet. Maybe its a game for him. Nobody could be that much of a fool.

I used to think that Rika, but then he always turns right around and says something so stupid it changes my mind.

I think he would really like to snitch on somebody and thats why he taughts folks with not admitting to felonies on an open forum, probually a big part due to jelousy. I would never trust him.

yeah, you pos? what is it you and garnad, and OTHER pos's are always saying about how I "should have shot the cop", and how I should ADMIT to owning guns, shooting matches, etc. Well <font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font> you. ANYONE can see YOU CAME HERE AFTER I DID, you COULD have stayed at PN and told each other the SAME lies you tell here. You come here to LEARN, from the only set of real balls on the Net. I don't give one holy crap about whether or not you <font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font> do ANYTHING. The fact that you THINK I do is just a reflection of your WISHFUL THINKING. I wouldn't bother to piss on you if your guts were on fire. Believe it.
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It's simple to PROVE that I'm right. A guy who has all NIGHT to PICK a place of cover, (for daylight hours) who CAN'T find one, is just a lame. Granted, YOU bozos probably couldn't do so, but you can't make a silencer, nor black belt, or dozens of other things that your BETTERS can do. You dont dare say a WORD about Ak"s, sks's, 30 carbines, .44 or 30-30 levers, etc, and the scoped 11" CAR has FAR more effective range than THOSE pos's. If you "think" such a 400+ft lb 223 sp hit is "just a scratch", you should JUMP at the chance, punk. But we know you WONT, cause I"ll kill you on the spot, and you KNOW it, too.

On the other hand, what makes YOU 'think" you can WATCH 360 degrees, all day long, every day, in the OPEN, twit? I've already MADE you an offer, punk. Give me ONE shot at you, 300m, with an 11" barreled 223, and I will stand there and let you shoot back all you CAN. U THINK that that's pistol shooting, TRY it sometime with an iron sighted AK, betting your LIFE on the first shot hit. :)
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Oh I believe that you have nothing but contempt for your fellow man. After all only a low life piece of garbage would abandon their children! What a coward, not willing to live up to his responsibilities.
223 fan said:
You dont dare say a WORD about Ak"s, sks's, 30 carbines, .44 or 30-30 levers, etc, and the scoped 11" CAR has FAR more effective range than THOSE pos's.
1.) No one I know with an AK thinks it's anything but a 250-300 yard gun, so I don't HAVE to debunk them.

2.) I don't know anyone with the other calibers who thinks that they are SHTF or long range guns, again no need to debunk them.

3.) Your 11" CAR would have a hard time shooting past where my 4" .44 magnum can, and the .454 simply outclasses it, never mind real rifles (to include 18-20" ARs).
Ok melvin you have a deal, come to a campout and drag your lil ar wannabe rifle with ya, you get 1 shot, thats it no more than that and then I get mine,bullet drop out of your lil bitty barrel will have your round in the dirt long before it reaches me, then I take 1 shot back atcha, just one.I'll even be so nice as to use a AR myself, standard barrel, no scope.300m is childs play.Octobers the campout, bring your sorry self down, scrub your specs nice and clean so you can see(well so you can see as well as you can anyway), and SHOW me, as well as others your skills.We'll pay your way, we'll be sure no leo's are around, hell we'll even feed you before the lil match.Come on dowwwwwwwwn melvin, your the next contestant on the fool gets zapped.Oh we'll even be nice enough not to feed you to the hogs, they might get inigestion.
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Oh I believe it JD and also believe you are a contemptable snitch, definely not to be trusted.

If you qant someone to say a wotd about .30 carbines I will. All the men I ever shot with one immediately fell down anf died or were so severly wounded that they could not fire back,
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